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TrytoFollow...Building a Colonial

Silt Fence

Here are some photos of the silt fence and tree protection. These are required by the town. Unfortunately they have to go up before the trees and house can come down. So they will probably get damaged and will have to be redone. Tree Protection

Asbestos has been removed

The asbestos abatement contractor has finished removing all of the affected sheet rock. This is a picture of the living room looking into the dining room.

Waiting on Asbestos Removal

One of the requirements in obtaining a demolition permit is to have the house tested for asbestos . Unfortunately, the tests found that the sheet rock drywall joint compound contains asbestos in an amount greater then 1%. So we are required to hire as asbestos abatement contractor and have the sheet rock removed from the house prior to full demolition. The contractors were in this weekend doing the necessary setup work, e.g. containment zone and showers. I will try to post pics tomorrow.