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Some updates.

While were waiting for the 3d architectural renderings I figured I would post the latest facade (notice the enlarged cupola) and the changes to the floor plan and sections. The cupola will now bring light into the upstairs hallway.  Also we added as small tray ceiling detail to the entrance of the master bedroom.

Updated Facade

I think the architects nailed it.   What do you think?   In addition to the new bump out above the front door, they added an additional foot between the 2nd story windows and soffit, a second chimney (although this one is false) and the cupola. Here is the link to the original . Next come the 3D architectural renderings.  Can’t wait.

Preliminary Sections

Clockwise: 1) Section through back stairs, 2) Master bath, 3) Master bath bathtub 4) Garage and bonus room.

Adding Height to the Facade

Just met with the architects today.   I asked them to find a way to give the facade more height.  These days, most homes built in town consist of 10ft first floor and 9ft second floor and a 40ft high roof ridge-line.  The homes have a very tall stance from the street.  Due to the steep slope of our property and the zoning laws in town, we can only have the ridge height at around 30ft from the street level since the total height (40ft) is measured from the lowest exterior point to the highest structure on the roof (excluding chimney).  At least we get to have a walkout basement. Here is a picture of what I had in mind: Picture from: I want to do something similar to area above the front door.  Let’s  see what the architects come up with .

Exterior Elevations

Note: Click on image to view an enlarged rendering in a new window/tab.    

Updated Floor Plans

  First Floor Just some minor changes: As mentioned in the last post about the first floor , there is now a fireplace in the living room, surrounded by built-ins. Added a sink to the “bar” in the kitchen. Second Floor Again, just some minor changes: Pocket doors are now shown in the “unique space” between the two front bedrooms. There is now a wall mounted fireplace in the master bedroom.  An example of this type of fireplace is the ProCom Wall-Mounted Dual Fuel Vent-Free Fireplace — 20,000 BTU, Cherry, Model# RD-C . The floor plans are pretty much final.  Leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

Site Plan

Second Floor Plan

Second Floor The second floor will consist of 1 Master Bedroom, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.   There will also be a bonus room, which will probably remain unfinished and used for storage. A Unique Space We decided to turn the closet between the two front bedrooms into more of a workspace/computer area for the kids.  The door into this play room are going to be pocket doors (this will be shown in the next round of drawings).  Due to the barrel vaulted ceiling in the foyer below, this area needs to have a couple of steps.  The combination of the steps, lower ceiling and round window ( refer to front elevation )  should make this a unique place  for the kids to hang out. Ceiling Heights Most of the floor will have a ceiling height of  9ft, however there are a few variations.  The bedroom on the right will be 8ft, the MBR will be 12ft, the master bath will be 10ft.

Updated First Floor Plan

Here is the updated first floor plan: Foyer We made the foyer a little wider and moved the stairs back so that they would not be so close to the front door.   We also changed the curvature of the stairs.  Although you cannot see it in the plan the architects put in a barrel vaulted ceiling that will match the curvature of the front door . Living Room We also enlarged the living room and removed the thought of having a baby grand piano in this room.  The room would have been to cramped with it and we want to avoid the ever increasing square footage ($$$).  However, we did ask for a fireplace – so that will be in the next round of drawings. Breakfast Area We removed the desk (it was moved to the Kitchen) and changed the location of the door.  As you can see from the site plan   the door now opens to a cover patio wit outdoor kitchen area. We also added room for a bakers rack. Kitchen There is now a desk in the kitchen.  This will probably be a great place for the k