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Framing has Begun

We started to frame in late December.  They laid out all the walls first.

Plenty of Steel

The steel beams were fabricated off-site and hoisted into place with a crane.  It was impressive seeing all the bolt-holes  line up exactly (no slotted holes either).  The fabricator was Pearce Welding.  

Plug for my Project Manager

Larry Introna of Introna Construction.

The Foundation and Waterproofing

The foundation is done.  For waterproofing we used a system called Tuff-N-Dri .     

Forming the Foundation

We decided to go with a poured concrete foundation.  The photos below show the sequence of setting up the forms.  

Pinning the Foundation

We had the site engineer pin (spike with pink tape) the corners of the foundations.  This way we the house will be located in the right location  (or at least know who to blame if it is not).

Temporary Electric Service

We brought in temporary electrical service.  The electrician did a really nice job.  He even painted the mounting board grey for a neat appearance.    

The Footings are in.

We poured the footings in early December 2009.  

We Found Rock!

We ran into a large piece of ledge while digging for the foundation.