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Updated First Floor Plan

Here is the updated first floor plan:


We made the foyer a little wider and moved the stairs back so that they would not be so close to the front door.   We also changed the curvature of the stairs.  Although you cannot see it in the plan the architects put in a barrel vaulted ceiling that will match the curvature of the front door.

Living Room

We also enlarged the living room and removed the thought of having a baby grand piano in this room.  The room would have been to cramped with it and we want to avoid the ever increasing square footage ($$$).  However, we did ask for a fireplace – so that will be in the next round of drawings.

Breakfast Area

We removed the desk (it was moved to the Kitchen) and changed the location of the door.  As you can see from the site plan  the door now opens to a cover patio wit outdoor kitchen area. We also added room for a bakers rack.


There is now a desk in the kitchen.  This will probably be a great place for the kids to do their homework.  Also moved the location of the dishwasher.

Dining Room

Tweaked the size of the dining room to match the increase in size of the living room.  This way the facede remains symmetrical.


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