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Second Floor Plan

Second Floor

The second floor will consist of 1 Master Bedroom, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.   There will also be a bonus room, which will probably remain unfinished and used for storage.

A Unique Space

We decided to turn the closet between the two front bedrooms into more of a workspace/computer area for the kids.  The door into this play room are going to be pocket doors (this will be shown in the next round of drawings).  Due to the barrel vaulted ceiling in the foyer below, this area needs to have a couple of steps.  The combination of the steps, lower ceiling and round window (refer to front elevation)  should make this a unique place  for the kids to hang out.

Ceiling Heights

Most of the floor will have a ceiling height of  9ft, however there are a few variations.  The bedroom on the right will be 8ft, the MBR will be 12ft, the master bath will be 10ft.


JW said…
I like the idea of making that closet a joint space for the kids. It's like an indoor club house. Very cool.
TryToFollow said…
Yeah, they should get a kick out of it. We were originally thinking of making a "secret passageway.

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